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“I am not happy with this, but I don’t know what I can do”

“I want to change this but what options have I got?”

“I know I have got to make a decision about this, but I’m just not sure what to do, or where to start”

What is ‘this’ in your life at the moment? Are you too close to your issue to see a way forward? Stuck? Do you have unhelpful emotions about your issue that are hard to shake off, but that limit your thinking?

Often we can see how to address problems that are similar to ours, but not how to address our own issues! By intelligently calculating a parallel situation to yours and showing you these related pictures , you will be helped to see what has led to the selected situations and what can be done there. Seeing how to handle these unthreatening issues will reveal what you can do in your situation!

Visualsolve developed mylifecoachapp. It is designed for adults as they face the challenges of life. It provides written and audio prompts to help you think through an issue you are facing.

Use mylifecoachapp to help you see the direction to take to bring about the changes you seek!

Extending cognitive behaviour therapy and metaphor therapy, this is visual metaphor life coaching! mylifecoachapp selects from hundreds of potential parallel pictures, based on information you provide about yourself, to help you see your way forward for each step of your journey.

mylifecoachapp is your own computerised life coach on your device at the touch of a button. It is self help software with a built in life coach! Computerised life coaching!

Remember. The more time you spend thinking about the questions the program asks you, and the more fully you write down your answers, the more effective the process will be!

mylifecoachapp was sold on Apple AppStore and Google Play Store for eight years and coached many people effectively. Professor John Sparrow, the developer, decided to retire and not make the ongoing updates required as Apple and Android operating systems continually update. The app stopped being updated in 2022.

It has been decided to make the software available for free. If you wish to run it, you can still do so on a PC or Apple device if you install Nox. Nox is well known software which lets you run Android apps on your Windows PC or Apple computer. You can download Nox from https://www.bignox.com/en/download/fullPackage?beta

You can then download the mylifecoachapp Android program file (apk file) by clicking the image link below.

Once you have downloaded Nox and the mylifecoachapp apk file, you can import mylifecoachapp into Nox. Just start the Nox program, then open you download folder on you computer and drag the mylifecoachapp apk file onto the Nox screen.

Any time you wish to run mylifecoachapp, just open Nox, click on the mylifecoachapp icon and you can run mylifecoachapp. It will remember where you are up to in your coaching journey or the issue you are exploring. Or you can start a new issue any time you like.

You can use mylifecoachapp to address a huge range of issues:


  • You can use it to get coaching support for
  • It can also be used for any other personal situation, such  as
  •  Self-help usually just involves reading books with general tips and advice, but mylifecoachapp provides tailored support for each user. It offers different support depending upon your personality, strengths, ways of coping, gender, age, and the current emotion you are feeling about the issue you want to address.
  •  Most coaching support focuses only upon words. As in metaphor therapy, mylifecoachapp uses visual images to give you new ideas about your issue, options, and actions.
  • It includes two different relaxation videos to help you feel less driven and be more open to possibilities.
  • It starts by helping you see whether the current emotion you have about your issue is helpful or unhelpful and how to change it..

What you get

mylifecoachapp helps you through seven key stages in coaching:

– 1. Dealing with your emotion

– 2. Looking at your issue from new perspectives

– 3. Preparing for change and letting go

– 4. Considering and choosing options then stating action and anticipated mood

– 5. Taking action towards your goal

– 6. Dealing with obstacles and setbacks

– 7. Dealing with your new emotion

For all of the issues that you use it to help you think things through, you will produce your own log and action plan for every step of the journey towards your chosen goal and the emotion you seek. And remember, once you are running the software only you can access your personal logs. You choose where to store each one on your computer. Nobody else (and that includes us) can access your log. You operate mylifecoachapp in complete confidence on your own computer or android device.

Repeated use of the software teaches you to ask key questions specifically related to your age, gender, personality, strengths, ways of coping and emotions, alongside some key coaching principles, to help you address situations you may face in the future.

mylifecoachapp is not:

  • just a book full of general advice but a genuine computerised tailored coaching process that takes account of your strengths and needs.
  • an online system where you put information up on a server somewhere (with all the risks of data privacy), but your own private log of your thoughts and reactions to the coaching questions on your own Apple or Android device.

Find out more

Read more about mylifecoachapp ‘s visual metaphor approach to life coaching. See how mylifecoachapp extends CBT and metaphor therapy into life coaching.

mylifecoachapp is a unique approach towards life coaching. It is visual metaphor life coaching.

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