What is life coaching?

So what is life coaching, what sorts of issues can it address, and what does it involve?

Life coaching helps you:

  • identify and achieve your personal goals
  • reconnect with who you are and what you want
  • live your best life in line with the values and beliefs that are important to you

Specific issues that can be addressed include:

  • career direction and development
  • work home and social relationships
  • family, parenting and caring obligations
  • healthy lifestyle
  • life balance
  • growth & development
  • stress
  • making decisions
  • confidence
  • happiness
  • and becoming a better person!

Life coaching involves:

  • asking provocative questions and inspiring you with new ideas, concepts and strategies
  • drawing out your potential
  • enabling you

It does this through you:

  • seeing your “blind spots”.
  • recognising recurring themes and patterns in your life
  • examining issues that worry you and that you might normally prefer to ignore or avoid
  • celebrating the positive and overcoming problems
  • clarifying your values, your mission in life and your gifts, to reassess your life, redefine success, set new goals, overcome challenges, change lifelong habits, create better balance in your life and build confidence
  • reducing your feelings of stress and gaining new energy

mylifecoachapp‘s unique contribution

You can see how mylifecoachapp builds on CBT (cognitive behaviour therapy in the UK or cognitive behavioural therapy in the US) and metaphor therapy, mylifecoachapp‘s visual metaphor life coaching offers:

  • hundreds of visual images linked to your current emotion that will help you see parallels      with your situation
  • sets of different questions related to different personality characteristics
  • questions that help you consider the role of age in your thinking
  • questions that help you consider the role of gender
  • a way of posing questions to you to help you see how your strengths and ways of coping might figure in your approach

This is visual metaphor life coaching!